Cold-Snaps & Cookies

Week 7

I’ve realised that this is now the longest time I have spent in a foreign country. Can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks already! You know what they say though; Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself!

The beginning of the week was a bit intense with a midterm and an impossible lab on R computer programming language. However, the Bearcelona game this week was the epic. We were playing Team Awesome who had won all their games. At half time we were 1-0 down, but in the second half we were rampant, scoring 4 goals and finishing the game 4-2. Clearly an inspiring team talk from the captain!

Had my weekly C4C binge with Philipp as ever. So unfortunate that he is only here for a semester. In the evening, I of course watched the first Presidential debate. Very Interesting viewing, especially as it was hosted just down the road in Denver. As you probably have picked up, Romney is largely though to have ‘won’. Obama seemed a bit tame, and I can’t believe he didn’t bring up the whole “47% issue”. Romney had a strong rhetoric, and when you talk about increasing the number jobs, people listen. I can really see him winning as people over here are really concerned about the economy, but for the world as a whole Romney’s election would be nothing short of disastrous especially his lack of enthusiasm for green energy and climate change, not to mention his position on the middle east. He has to be commended on his skilful U-turn on practically all of his policies to upstage Obama. At Model UN, we ran through the parliamentary protocol, which I am eventually getting to grips with. The temperature on thursday took a ridiculous, and in my opinion unwelcome dive to 3 degrees C. Considering the day before it was 24 degrees C, it was somewhat unexpected. It even snowed a tiny bit on Friday, which got a lot of people excited. Really does sum up the crazy weather conditions here.

On Friday night, I was leading the life of a socialite, filtering between social events. First was Saskia’s German food Night which as ever was lovely. Somehow, despite being surrounded by Germans, I found myself cooking that oh-so German dish of Pork Schnitzel. Obviously it was delicious! At 10pm, I reluctantly abandoned and went to the first Model UN party of the year. It was a ‘national stereotypes’ themes, so being the lazy fancy dresser that I am, I just printed off a picture of Prince William and put my art and craft skills to the test in constructing a mask. Another great social occasion.

Had another early start for hiking on Saturday. I joined the hiking club on a ‘Oktoberfest’ themed hike to Lake Dorothy. This is basically the same area that James and myself went, but the days were certainly a lot different! The trail was treacherous as all the water had frozen, and even a small waterfall was completely frozen. Once we got above tree-line, we had the wind to contend with which make conditions even colder. Despite wearing what seemed to be half a clothes shop, I was absolutely freezing when we got to Lake Dorothy. We descended rapidly to gain some warmth and found a sheltered spot to cook our Bratwurst to get into the Oktoberfest spirit. Very welcome! Completely crashed out when I returned.

Actually had a lie-in on Sunday! Played football as ever. In the evening, I went to Giulia’s to play a game called ‘adventure’ cookies, with her, Mandy and Jon. The concept of this was to throw cookie dough onto the baking tray, bake and then decorate the resulting shapes with whatever your mind desired. Giulia had supplied a plethora of decorations, so we really could let our creativity run wild! I had so much fun and it really was an enjoyable way to finish off the week.

Cookie Photo’s kindly provided by Giulia.

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