Miami Beach

As the others from the Yucatan road trip returned to Colorado, I made my way back via Miami beach to use a free flight I had acquired. Initially I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, as I had been travelling in a group, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable short trip.

I stayed at the Miami Freehand hostel, which had a great location and facilities for such a reasonable price. Honestly, I didn’t really ‘do’ much in Miami beach apart from walking around and taking in the stunning Art Deco architecture and beautiful people. A particular highlight was a ride down Ocean Drive in a convertible 2013 Ford mustang which one of my room mates had bizarrely rented. It was my first time in a convertible, and arguably it was in one of the best places in the world to be in one. The time alone also gave me an invaluable opportunity to reflect on my time in America and the many twists and turns the study abroad experience had offered me. In my next post, I will sum up my final few days in Boulder.


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