Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

Week 8

Another great week over the here! Booked to see Two Door Cinema Club on the 16th for a pre-birthday event. Will be my first ever concert! Also, spoke to the rest of my flat in Lancaster. So great to speak to them.

On Wednesday, I had a mammoth 5 hour C4C session with Philipp (I would like to point out I didn’t eat for a solid 5 hours) where we had a work session. In the evening, I joined the CU International club out for a meal. Haven’t been in a while and it was good to catch up with some of them. Got back into bouldering on thursday. Forgot how brutal it is on your arms!

We left for Wichita, Kansas at 3.30pm on Friday for the AIESEC regional conference. The drive was 538 miles and we didn’t get there until 2am. In the process, we even crossed a timezone! I can’t believe how people don’t even think of this distance as significant. The distance is the equivalent of driving from Lancaster to Paris!! As drives go it wasn’t the best scenery in the world as it was incredibly flat and basically just fields. However, we did get pulled over for speeding (just over I hasten to aid) to spice up the journey. The cop was coming from the other direction and literally flew over the central reservation. It was quite dramatic. I was so tired when I arrived. Ended up sharing a room with a Norwegian and 2 Americans; one from Kansas and the other from Michigan.

Saturday was a long day but throughly enjoyable! I will always remember entering the conference room at 9am to everyone (60+ people) doing a group dance to the Bloodhound Gang. Honestly, I wondered what I had got myself into, but it just reflects the togetherness of AIESEC. So many inspiring stories how fellow young people have used their energy so positively. In the afternoon, I learnt about my role within the finance team. It was far better than it sounds. This didn’t finish until 10.30pm and then we had a black tie party. Throughly enjoyable. Hotel parties are certainly a great experience. Mingling with people from universities in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and Texas was really special.

Sunday morning was considerably less painful than expected. We left at 9.30am for the long drive back. I picked up my “sugar cubes” which compose of an envelope that people leave messages in. So many nice messages and it was really heart warming. I have to admit I was sceptical of AIESEC but now I understand why people are so passionate about it.  The car journey on the way back was very enjoyable. I hijacked the music, but the scenery was a lot better in the day. It was such a stereo-typical rural american scene with old barns, grain stores and oil wells. The golden trees were so beautiful as well. Didn’t get back until 5.30pm and then I went straight into playing football for Bearcelona. We won this game 4-1, so through to the next round of the playoffs. A well deserved early night for me!

Next week is my birthday week, so lots of exciting things should be happening!


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