Week 6

Work finally ramped up this week so I was kept very busy with that. This was compounded by the fact that I had to write a position paper with my partner for the Model UN conference. Trying to find Romania’s policy on use of nuclear technology and the threat of a more globalised media was certainly very difficult indeed! As ever I did manage to squeeze in a few ‘extra activities’ to make life a bit more interesting.

Bearcelona drew again this week, but we were mightily unlucky not to win. Some very dubious refereeing decisions! Not as bad as the replacement officials saga in NFL though. If you didn’t catch it, the Seahawks scored a late touchdown against the Packers, despite the 2 officials giving different calls, then the video referee somehow giving the touchdown. Even I could see it wasn’t a touchdown. Even Obama came in on the argument. Cannot for the life of me seeing Cameron doing that!

On the friday evening, Giulia invited me to her friends where we made pizza. It’s really nice to be able to integrate a bit more with Americans, especially ones as nice as these. On saturday, I went to watch the ‘game’ between CU and UCLA with Saori and Woosin. It is genuinely a crazy experience. The stadium was filled not only with students, but also the locals. Despite getting hammered, there was a great atmosphere. I especially like the marching band who would play music when the play stopped. The game lasted 3 hours in total, so it was a bit of an endurance test. In the evening, Saori hosted a Japanese food night. Again some lovely food! After the food, the general consensus was to watch a Japanese horror film. Why? It made American/British ones look so tame.

Sunday morning I caught the bus to Westminster to meet with my host family, Jodi and Chris. We met in an establishment called Woody”s. Here we watched Jodi’s team, the Minnesota Vikings play Detroit , whilst consuming all you can eat pizza. It was great to have a catch up with them. Had football ‘training’ in the evening. You can definitely tell that the weather is turning as the trees are turning such beautiful golds. many people are excited for the snow, but I’m desperately trying to hang onto Summer.

Let’s see what next week brings…


One response to “Touchdown!!

  1. Hi Laurence,
    Pat Hickey told me about your experiences/blog etc. As a fellow Lancastrian (Furness 81-86) I wonder if you fascy doing a piece for the school mag/website outlining: memories of the school and the attractions university life especially the travelling you have done. I’m keen to push subjects other than the medicine/law and it would be great to have a geographer contribute (AND one who has gone to one of the great universities of England which gets far too few applicants from here (in my biased opinion!)). Any chance?

    Best wishes
    Richard Bush

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