Too many Goodbyes

The last couple of weeks of schooling at CU was certainly hectic and also emotional.

I worked like an ox in the last couple of weeks, and subsequently managed to get a GPA of 3.94, which I was extremely happy with. However, where everyone was ecstatic to finish classes and exams, I had mixed emotions. Simply I didn’t want it to end. I distinctly remember in my last exam I finished early but stayed an extra 25 minutes as I did not want it to end. But as the saying goes, all good things come to an end.

For some reason I finished my finals a lot earlier than most of my friends, so I was somewhat at a loss of what to do. I did though fill up the time mostly getting sunburnt. Also, a friend from Lancaster who had studied at Michigan State came to visit for the day as he and his friends were in the Denver area. Strange to ‘show’ people around the city like I have been here forever.

Most people finished their finals on thursday, so I regained my social life. On this day, I did a bit of shopping with Saori and then we had a fancy meal at the cheesecake factory. Simply delightful. On thursday and friday evenings there were also a few parties where most people came, which made for a great vibe.

Friday, Saori and myself went on a random bike ride to nowhere in particular, but we covered most of Boulder.

On the saturday, I arranged a BBQ and general get together. Nothing can beat a BBQ, football and great company. Luckily, others took on the role of cooking so I could play!

Sunday was my last day with Saori before she headed home. I also had to move out on this day, so to say it was frantic is a huge understatement. We managed though and got to the airport on time. Massively sad saying goodbye to not only Saori but to the other great friends I have made in Boulder.

I heard this quote and thought it was fitting for the time – “Friends are like stars: You don’t always see them, but they are always there”

Coming next will be posts about my time in Mexico, Belize, Miami Beach and my last week in Boulder. So stay tuned if you want to read about everything ranging from deserted Mayan ruins to food festivals!!


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