Apparently its spring now, but someone forgot to tell Colorado. So far this April we have had 46.2 inches of snow (highest on record), and yet this weekend the temperatures have been comfortably in the mid 20’s (degrees C). Only a few days ago, we were under 10 inches of snow! But this weekend, it has felt that we have skipped spring and moved straight to summer.

April has been a relatively quiet month in terms of adventurous activities. I have been struggling to decide whether to make the most of my time here, or sacrifice some of the good times in order to get good grades. Unfortunately, it is in my character to study hard and maximise my grades, so the social life has suffered a bit. Maybe I will regret this later, or maybe not…. Only time will tell. Hopefully I can keep the work play balance enough to socialise  with all the great people I have met here in my last few weeks.

However, life hasn’t all been about textbooks! Saori and myself took a midweek night trip to Denver to watch the Nuggets play the San Antonio Spurs (who at the time were the best team in the best). The Nuggets had a terrible start (14-0 down), but they rallied and eventually won the game convincingly. As both teams had already made the playoffs the atmosphere was not that raucous for a basketball game, but nonetheless it was deafening at times. I had hoped the temperatures were not going to be too severe to explore Denver prior to the game, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

This month it was also Mathilde’s birthday. Emilie and Saori had arranged a surprise birthday party for her, and it was my job to round everyone up into position for the big moment. I had no idea how stressful organising a surprise party was! It was a really nice party though, and Mathilde didn’t suspect a thing!

Sadly, April also saw the end of Bearcelona football team (well at least in competitive competitions). We did well in the league, winning 1, drawing 2 and loosing 1. I even managed to score a goal by running from just outside my own box. Outrageous scenes! However, this week we finally game unstuck in the playoffs, when we lost a penalty shootout epic. Having an Englishman on the team was never a good sign for a penalty shootout! What a pleasure it was captaining such a great set of people

It seems crazy to think that in 15 days I will be in Mexico, and will have consequently left the college lifestyle of Boulder.I’m glad I have the opportunity to see the place in the summer when I do my dissertation in June, but its a shame no one will be here.

In other exciting news, I have managed to plan out my summer, which will see me visiting 3 continents! Without this year abroad opportunity, I am certain that I would not have been going to any of the places that I am! More will follow on this site…..

In the meantime, good luck to everyone with exams!!


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