New Year 2013!!!

Happy New Year Readers!!! If 2013 is anything like 2012 for me , I’m in for a treat…

As we were in New York city for new year, we (Jamie, Saori and myself) thought it would be rude not to frequent Time Square for the celebrations. After a quick visit to the MET and some food, we made our way to Times Square at 5.30pm. We thought this would be plenty early enough, but we were surprised to only be at 59th & Broadway. However, we did manage to get to 51st & Broadway, so we could just see Times Square itself. The first hour of waiting was pretty boring, but as soon as it reached 7pm and the countdown started it became a lot more bearable. Throughout the countdown period, big-name artists were performing such as Carly Rae-Jepsen, Neon Trees, Taylor Swift and PSY. When Gangnam style came on, and everyone started to do the dance, the atmosphere was electric.As midnight approached the people got more and more excited, and this exploded when midnight struck. A million people cheered, kissed and gave each other slaps on  each other’s backs. A very special moment, and one which I will not forget.

New Year’s day wasn’t bad either. We went for breakfast at Tom’s Restaurant (as seen in Seinfeld apparently), before Saori met up with the people she was originally staying with. Jamie and myself wandered around Chelsea market and the High Line, which gave a unique view of the city. After this we sampled New York’s Famous Famiglia pizza and then took our seats at Madison Square Gardens for the New York Knicks vs. Portland Trailblazers. The atmosphere was scintillating. The standard of talent was outrageous with 3 pointers going in all over the place. It was a pleasure to watch Carmelo Antony as well. I have to say though the half time entertainment was possibly the most random thing I have ever seen. 6 babies (all under 1 years old) were placed at one end of the court, and they had to crawl to the half way line. Of course, many of the competitors didn’t have a clue what was going on. I’m not really sure what they will think when their parents tell them that they signed them up to crawl in front of 1000’s of people…. Weird! It was a great night though, finished off with a divine milkshake at Tom’s.

The next day, we got up early to catch the bus to Washington DC. Even though I have been there already, I didn’t really get the chance to see the sights, so I was happy to go. The journey took 4.5 hours though…. We had a brilliant day, wandering aimlessly down the mall and taking in the sights. For me the city is a bit strange though in this area, as I feel it doesn’t really have a soul. We boarded the bus to get back, and finally got into our apartment at 11pm.

At 5am we had to get up to go to the airport to fly home (well home for me). Arriving back in Denver and being greeted by dazzling sunshine was brilliant!! We got all our kit sorted ready for skiing the next day.

So my first proper skiing experience in El Dora was certainly interesting. Luckily, Jamie was kind enough to teach me. I was pretty awful and fell over multiple times, but by the end of the day I had improved.

On saturday, Philipp and his girlfriend, Helene, gave us a lift up to Copper Mountain, which has much longer runs. Jamie continued with his quest to teach me, and it went really well. I could now stop now, which is always a bonus! We managed to get plenty of funny movies with my helmet cam as well.

On Sunday, we had a rest day. When I say rest day, we still went hiking and ice skating, where we had a rink all to ourselves for a period. What a week!!


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