In this post, I will give a quick whirlwind tour through the events of January.

Jamie stayed until the 9th january, so in the meantime we went skiing 2 more times. By the end, I had got to a reasonable standard. What we would do usually is to split up, as I didn’t like to feel as I was holding him up. Jamie would then ski with Philipp and Helene. On our last evening, we had a fancy 3 course meal in the cheesecake factory, which was a great way to finish off his visit here. What a great 2 weeks with him!!

People began to come back in dribs and drabs from their holidays. It was great to hear of all the adventures. Fortunately, Saori came back on the 9th, so I had plenty of company.

School began again on the 14th. It was strange to be back after such a crazy few weeks, especially as temperatures on the first day reached -18 degrees C!!. My courses this term are mostly physical geography related, so it makes a contrast to last semester. On the friday, I went skiing with Joe, Louise and Mike, and I managed to complete a few blues. Very proud! In that evening, we had a Korean party for Woosin and some of his friends who were leaving in a few weeks. Philipp was actually leaving the next day, so effectively it was a leaving party for him. It was very strange, and actually quite sad to see him go. I feel that if I were the magic 21, my friendship with him would have been even stronger as I could have taken advantage of the bar-scene social setting. It’s going to be so sad at the end of this semester saying goodbye to everyone!!

The next week I just got back into the rhythm of classes, and on friday I went skiing again. This time I went with Joe, Louise, Saori and Woosin. I only fell over once!!! It was on the last 100m of the day though, so a little frustrating. The day was marred though, as Louise tore her acl. It was upsetting to see her clearly downbeat as she is a very active person. When we got back we had a deserts party at Mathilde’s and Saori’s which was fun. Of course, I brought out the strawberry trifle, and also introduced people to the wonders of butterscotch Angel Delight, which Jamie kindly brought over. On that Sunday, I went to see a college basketball game with Hannah and Rebecca. We had great seats and it was an awesome atmosphere with over 10,000 people in the arena. After this, we were treated to a lovely roast by Rachel, before ending the day with a match for Bearcelona. This term, we are playing indoor soccer again, but this time it is co-ed, so we played with the likes of Emilie, Hannah, Raven and Saori. We were defeated, but it was fun nonetheless!

And that is basically all for January. I will aim to keep more frequent and detailed posts for february….

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