Election Time!

Week 12

I have finally got around to writing this post!! The last couple of weeks have been manic, but I will attempt to sum them up…

On Tuesday, it was election day. Arguably, the most important election in recent years between two candidates which has divided this nation. There was a noticeable¬†uneasiness in Boulder on election day, as many feared for the future of the USA, if not the world. Obama canvassers were out in force around campus stopping everyone who dare make eye contact. I guess it was some sort of crusade. On election day alone, I was stopped 14 times by such people. I really should have made a sign saying “I Cannot vote – I’m english – please leave me alone”. In the evening, I went to two “election parties” (A bit of a socialite these days!). Both locations were nervous, but as it became increasingly obvious that Obama was going to win, people began to relax and celebrate. People were definitely relieved and I have to say so was I! However, in Colorado, Amendment 64 was passed, which legalises marijuana. Personally, I’m not a great fan of this, but most of Boulder certainly is!

The rest of the working week consisted of a number of assignments and boring stuff. However, on friday evening, Model UN began its hosting of its annual high school conference. This basically consists of a number of local high school’s descending on Boulder to compete at different level councils. The event was purely run by our club, and we ran all of the councils (approximately 7 in total). My personal role was an assistant Director in the intermediate level Security Council. At first it was a bit awkward as only 4 of the 10 delegates turned up, but by saturday morning this had swelled to 6. Even though I had to get up at 6am on saturday morning to attend the second day of the conference it was definitely worth it! To see young people excel to such a high level was inspiring. It even made me feel a bit old!! My director, Amanda,was amazing and she instilled confidence in me to lead some of the saturday sessions. Eventually, the conference finished at 4pm and I think the club can be immensely proud of the show it put on. Later on that evening, I went to Saskia’s Italian themed party. Another great evening with well over 30 people there (I still don’t know how so many fitted into such a small space!). The trudge back home was certainly interesting with temperatures reaching -6 degrees celsius. There were even a group of people walking around with no shoes on! That sums up the odd behaviour you see in Boulder to be honest.

Sunday was a work day, but I did manage to book an apartment for Vancouver at Christmas. Can’t wait!!


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